If you are a school staff member, please consult with the Principal first.  Booster Club Grant application require the Principal's approval on your request.  

Thank you for helping us to collaborate and be successful with our common goals as parents, administration, and teachers!

Grants less than $1000

The Booster Club offers small grants (less than $1000) to students and teachers at Harbor High. The event, initiative, or project must show how the event will have a positive impact on school or students at Harbor High. Applicants must submit the request 1 month in advance prior to their needed deadline. 
Note: funding of grants depends on available funds. 

Grants $1000 or more

The booster club offers grants ($1000 or more) to projects that will have a large positive impact on a large number of students at Harbor High. For grants over $1000, the applicants must submit a proposal 2 months in advance prior to their needed deadline. Note: funding of grants depends on available funds.
Applicants are required to submit the following documents:
A proposal that clearly outlines:
    1. Purpose of the project
    2. Impact of the project (how many students will be impacted)
    3. How data will be collected to show ongoing impact of students benefiting from the project.
    4. Fundraising efforts planned or underway
    5. Itemized budget that shows cost of the project, other contributions from other resources.
    6. Please state that you have received Principal's approval for submitting the request.

Submit your proposal online